End User Migration Guide from Movius to BlackBerry to MultiLine for Intune

Read this article for the process of migrating users from Movius for BlackBerry to MultiLine for Intune.

Movius provides separate versions of the MultiLine App for BlackBerry Dynamics UEM (Movius for BlackBerry) and Microsoft Intune (MultiLine for Intune). Therefore if changing UEM, the following steps are required to migrate users from the Movius for BlackBerry App to the MultiLine for Intune App. 

User Requirements

  • Must use iOS or Android device.
  • Must have an active MultiLine account that was onboarded Movius for BlackBerry App.
  • Must install and activate Microsoft Intune Company Portal. This process is enabled by the Enterprise IT/EMM team. 

Step 1: MMP admin sets Mobile Application version to Intune

You first need to need to add MultiLine for Intune to the Allowed Applications. You can also set the minimum application version.  

This setting is under Mobile App in the Setup tab. 

  1. Click Edit for Application Version.
  2. Use the Minimum Version field to set the minimum version of MultiLine that users can use. 
  3. Set the Allowed Applications by checking the box for MultiLine for Intune. Note: you do not need to remove the checkmark for Movius for BlackBerry until you no longer want to support it any longer. 

Step 2: MMP Admin Resends MultiLine Invite 

You can resend invites from the Portal or from the API. To automate onboarding a large numbers of users, the API method may be preferred.

Inviting users from the Management Portal 

  1. Go to the sub-org containing the users who need to switch apps.
  2. Go to the Accounts tab from the left pane. 
  3. Select 1-10 user accounts from the page and click Resend Invite. Note that up to 10 user accounts can be selected at the same time. The invitations will be sent to the selected accounts when you click Resend Invite. The MMP Admin must repeat this process for all the users that need to migrate.


Inviting users from the API

Alternatively, invites can be resent by using the “Send Invite” API. Documentation for this API is provided in the User Provisioning API Guide upon request. 

Step 3: Instruct users to uninstall the Movius for BlackBerry App

Users must uninstall the Movius for BlackBerry App on their iOS or Android devices.

Step 4: Instruct users to install and onboard MultiLine for Intune

  • Detailed instructions for users to onboard (both iOS and Android) are provided here:
    • Users will download the Intune Company Portal App and MultiLine for Intune App. iOS users will also install Microsoft Authenticator.
    • Once installed, users must onboard the App using the details they receive in an email invitation sent by the MMP Admin in Step 2. 
    • Getting Started instructions are available for users at https://moviuscorp.knowledgeowl.com/help/getting-started-with-multiline


Some SMS messages and voicemail will transfer over. No recent call history will transfer over. 

  • SMS messages are backed up in the portal a certain number of days.
    • The number of days (N) was agreed upon between the Enterprise and Movius at the time of contract. 
    • You can view this in the Management Portal at Setup > Feature Settings > SMS Back Up
    • Only the messages that were backed up will transfer over (i.e. the last N days of messages).
  • Voicemails from the last 7 days will transfer over.