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Movius April 2022 Release Notes v2

Read on to learn what’s new with the API and Server.

Announcing Single Sign On for Management Portal

We now offer Single Sign On for administrators using the Management Portal. 

Key Benefits

  • Movius Password Credentials are no longer required by the administrator

    • The administrator can login without having to provide a separate password for MMP

  • Supported SSO Flows

    • Identity Provider Initiated (IdP-initiated) Flow (user starts on Azure portal)

    • Service Provider Initiated (SP-initiated) Flow (user starts on Movius portal) 

  • Improved Security

    • Admins no longer need to keep track of passwords specific to the MMP

    • Enterprise compliance (user offboarding, password policy, etc.) is centralized on IdP 

Learn more at About Movius Management Portal Single Sign On.

With the launch of this feature, the log in flow for all administrators will change, regardless of whether SSO is implemented for the organization. 

Announcing Messaging-only MultiLine Service

We now offer a Messaging-only MultiLine Service for organizations that want to enable messaging, and not calling. For this offering:

  • Users can use SMS, Group Messaging, and Picture Messaging only.
  • There aren't restrictions on the messaging types, so messaging from the MultiLine mobile apps, MultiLine Desktop, and Salesforce connector is possible.

How it works:

  • Service Portal Admins can now turn off calling functionality and disable outbound data calling at the organization level.  
  • If users attempt to use the calling feature, they’ll hear an automated prompt stating “This feature is not available” before disconnecting and a CDR of dropped outbound call will be generated.
  • If someone attempts to call the number, they’ll hear an automated prompt stating “This person cannot accept your call at this time” before disconnecting and a CDR of a dropped inbound call will be generated.
  • If users use the dialer for 911, the call will be placed through the native dialer.

What's new in API and Server updates

Changes to myid_authentications/modify API for invited users

  • API Admins will be able to use the myid_authentications/modify API to modify input parameters such as “monitor_calls”, “monitor_sms”, and “forwarding_number” for invited users and view the modifications.
    • These activities will be captured in the MMP “Edit Account” Report.

Digital Safe CDR Reconciliation

  • This release adds an option in Digital Safe SFTP Offload. 
  • This option will change the Session ID used in the CSV file Metadata for Client to Client calls. The Session ID found in the CDR record of the outgoing call will match the CSV entry for that call in the Digital Safe CSV file. 
  • This allows Enterprises that need this correlation to properly audit their call recordings for compliance purposes.

New Option for User List API - search_invitations = ONLY 

  • The change is to enable users/list JSON API to return only non-onboarded accounts and to support pagination for the output.

Revision History

VersionReason for changeDate
v2added Management Portal SSO4/29/22