Release Notes | Server | December 2021

Movius December 2021

Read on to learn what’s new with MultiLine Apps and the Management Portal. Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year from Movius!

Server Update Schedule


Start Date & Time

End Date & Time


Friday 10-Dec-2021, 01:00 am EDT

Friday 10-Dec-2021, 06:00 am EDT


Friday 10-Dec-2021, 12:00 pm EDT

Friday 10-Dec-2021, 5:30 pm EDT


Friday 10-Dec-2021, 9:00 pm EDT

Saturday 11-Dec-2021, 02:00 am EDT


Saturday 11-Dec-2021, 01:00 am EDT

Saturday 11-Dec-2021, 06:00 am EDT


Saturday 11-Dec-2021, 01:00 am EDT

Saturday 11-Dec-2021, 06:00 am EDT

What's new in Management Portal?

  • We've added new fields to the Digital Safe Compliance Recording metadata. 
    • In addition to the existing recording start time, this release adds an ending timestamp and a recording duration. This allows the customer to determine which calls were in progress at any given time. 
    • A file checksum has been added to the voice recording file to allow confirmation of complete transfer. 

Issue Fixes

Issue KeyPlatformReleased in versionProblem Fixed
M2021-610Management Portal4.1.1.12During Move User, Admins can now cancel searching for an organization by clicking 'x'.