Send a group message

Written By Melanie Allen (Administrator)

Updated at June 25th, 2020

You can send and receive messages from a group of participants.

Send Group Message

  1. Go to Messages and tap New Message.
  2. Enter the contact name or the number in the To field of the message and click Done
    • You can add 10 recipients (11 participants) in a group and can also remove the participants from the group. Group messages can be sent to MultiLine and Non-MultiLine numbers (Guest).


      If you are added to a group of more than 11 participants, you can continue to send/receive messages in this group. But you cannot create a new group of more than 11 participants. 

      While composing a group text, enter the two or more recipients' phone numbers without adding a comma. An error message is received when you enter a comma.

  3. A group with the participants will be created. Tap Send Message type the text message and click Send
  4. You can access the list of group members (participants) from the top right corner icon in the message conversation.
  5. You can delete the conversation sent in the group. Select the message to be deleted and tap Delete. The selected message will be deleted from the group. If you clear all messages, you continue to get messages from the group. 


When a new member is added or an existing member is removed, a new group conversation thread is created. You cannot have more than one group with the same participants.

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