Admins: Set user permissions

Written By Samuel Grinis (Super Administrator)

Updated at May 5th, 2020

You can set/edit user permissions in the Setup tab. 

If your organization requires you to disable a certain feature for a user subset, any MultiLine feature(s) can be enabled or disabled for select groups of users.

  • Default User Permissions will set permissions for users that are not part of a subgroup.
  • To create a subgroup with custom permissions, click the Add New button in the upper right-hand corner. You'll be able to choose which group you wish users and accounts to belong to when you add them to the portal. 

User Permissions

Select or deselect a field to permit or disallow it's respective MultiLine feature for the selected group of users.

Inbound Call Settings

Data: Enable/Disable using data to receive inbound calls.
Minutes: Enable/Disable using minutes to receive inbound calls.
Fall back: Enable/Disable trying data first, then minutes, to receive inbound calls.

Outbound Call Settings

Data: Enable/Disable using data to make outbound calls.
Minutes: Enable/Disable using minutes to make outbound calls.
Choose on Dialer: Enable/Disable choosing data or minutes from the dialer when making outbound calls.

Contact Sources

Use Native: Enable/Disable using native contacts service in MultiLine.
Local: Enable/Disable importing native contacts into MultiLine.
Exchange: Enable/Disable exchanging contacts between native device and MultiLine server.


Allow Personalize Number: Enable/Disable the ability to customize MultiLine number. 

General Settings

Allow Call Scheduler: Enable/Disable call scheduler function.
Allow Scheduler: Enable/Disable scheduler function.
Allow "Show Caller ID": Enable/Disable caller ID function.
Allow Simultaneous/Sequential Ring: Enable/Disable simultaneous/sequential ring function.
Allow Advanced WiFi Setting: Enable/Disable toggling of the Advanced Wifi settings.
Allow Block Caller: Enable/Disable incoming caller blocking function.
Allow SMS: Enable/Disable SMS messaging.

Visual Voicemail

Allow Spoken Name Recording: Enable/Disable spoken-name voicemail greetings.
Allow Custom Greeting Recording: Enable/Disable custom, personable voicemail greetings.

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