Use BlackBerry Exchange Contacts

Written By Samuel Grinis (Super Administrator)

Updated at May 28th, 2020

All MultiLine users can add contacts using three different contact source settings. You can select one of the three available options. 

  • Native Contacts
  • Local Contacts
  • BlackBerry Exchange Contacts

To learn about adding Native and Local contacts, see Add your contacts

Blackberry Exchange Contacts

If the BlackBerry exchange contact is selected, your contacts from the exchange server will be downloaded on your device.

The downloaded contact will be synced with exchange server at a particular time interval.

You can select different sync time intervals from Settings > Contact Settings.


If you change the contact source, all the downloaded/created contacts based on previous source will be deleted.

Add contact

If you add a contact on your device locally it won't be synced or created on exchange server. You can modify locally added contacts in Movius for Blackberry but cannot modify imported contacts.

Delete contact

If you try to delete a contact from Movius for Blackberry, the client will show an error message. You can't delete an imported contact; only locally saved contacts.

Block contact

You can add a contact (local/exchange) or a number to the Blocked Number list. You won't receive any calls or messages from the blocked number.

GAL Look up

Global Address List (GAL) doesn't allow search for a contact by contact number. If you search for a contact using a number, you'll see a notification message. You can search for a contact using First Name, Last Name, Display Name, Full Name, Alias and Email fields.

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