Install Movius for Blackberry

Written By Samuel Grinis (Super Administrator)

Updated at April 20th, 2020

The Movius for BlackBerry client for iOS and Android will have been made available to download from the enterprise corporate app store by your BlackBerry Dynamics administrator. 

  1. Search for Movius for BlackBerry and install the application. 
  2. Tap Allow on the permissions requests for Movius for BlackBerry.­ 
  3. Choose to set up Movius for BlackBerry using the BlackBerry Dynamics application that your organization has configured to be the Authentication Delegate.
    • Most organizations configure this to be BlackBerry Work. Click on “Set up using BlackBerry Work.”

Movius for BlackBerry Registration

  1. See the invitation email that you will have received with the registration details. 
  2. Enter your Company/Org ID from the invitation email. Note: the organization ID is a series of letter and numbers.
  3. Click Verify Me.
  4. Enter the primary mobile phone number for the device that you are installing Movius for BlackBerry.
  5. Enter the Username from the invitation email.
  6. Enter the Password from the invitation email.
  7. Once the SMS PIN is received, enter the PIN and then tap Finish.
  8. Tap OK and then tap Done.
  9. Accept the various permissions requests.


Integration with BlackBerry Dynamics authentication methods are supported for the Movius for BlackBerry client.

The Movius MultiLine client is launched and it requests Touch ID authentication via Dynamics for iOS, or Fingerprint Authentication via Dynamics on supported Android devices. 

  • If Authentication Delegate is set to BlackBerry Work or BlackBerry Access in the BlackBerry Control policy, that app will be called to authenticate the Movius for BlackBerry client.
  • If that authentication app is already opened, the user will not be prompted for authentication as the Dynamics container is already open.

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