Set caller ID for incoming and outgoing calls

Using the Personalize Number setting

Written By Samuel Grinis (Super Administrator)

Updated at October 16th, 2020

Use the Personalize Number setting to set the caller ID banners for incoming and outgoing calls and easily differentiate your MultiLine number from your personal number.

  1. Click the menu icon  in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Personalize Number.
  • You can select an icon and name your MultiLine
    • Example: "Work"
  • Any call made or received from this number will be indicated as “MultiLine_[INSERT NAME]
    • Example: “MultiLine_Work”

Differences in Caller ID experience in Data mode vs. Minutes Mode

If when making or receiving calls on Minutes you do not see a keyword, such as “MultiLine_Work” in this example, and you only see a number different from the one you are calling, this is a routing number.  To resolve this, please ensure that in your phone settings the Movius for BlackBerry app has permission to access contacts.

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