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Written By Samuel Grinis (Super Administrator)

Updated at May 26th, 2020

You can choose from three sources for adding contacts. You also have options for sorting and displaying the contacts.

1. Native Contacts

  • Most MultiLine users select the Native Contacts option so that a single Contact List is maintained for simplicity.
  • Choosing the Native Contacts option retrieves the Contact List from your native device for use in MultiLine.
  • Any changes made to your Native Contact List (adding, renaming, deleting, etc.) will be reflected in MultiLine, and vice versa.

If a contact is blocked on your native, it won’t block them from calling your MultiLine. To block that number in MultiLine, go into the contact and click Block Number.

2. Local Contacts

  • This is the default selection when the MultiLine App is loaded. 
  • Choosing the Local Contacts option will store your contacts within the MultiLine app.
  • You can choose to do a one-time import from your native device and/or manually add contacts yourself.
    • If you do so, subsequent changes will be stored as Local Contacts. There is no automated syncing between the Native and Local Contact Lists.
  • If you choose to do a one-time import from your native, changes made in MultiLine (adding, renaming, deleting, etc.) will NOT be reflected in your native contact list, and vice versa.
  • Local Contacts aren't backed up or stored outside the application, so they can be lost if you lose your device or need to reinstall MultiLine.


If you create your Contact List using Local Contacts, and then switch your source to Native or Exchange, the contacts you created will be deleted. 

3. Exchange Contacts

  • Choosing the Exchange Contacts option will retrieve your contacts from the corporate exchange database for use in MultiLine.
  • Any changes made to the corporate exchange will automatically be reflected in the MultiLine app and vice versa.
  • You'll be able to search for any contact from the Global Address List (GAL), your company’s list of all employees. However, the GAL will not show up in the list of contacts for performance reasons.


If you change your source of contacts from Exchange to Local or Native, contacts from the previous source will no longer be available. However, if you switch the source back to Exchange, the contacts will be available again. 

Movius for BlackBerry exception

The BlackBerry exchange server currently supports only one way sync. 

  • Contacts created in Outlook will sync to the MultiLine App.
  • However, contacts created in the app won't sync or show up in Outlook and will be stored locally.
  • If you switch the source to Local or Native contacts, the contacts created in the app will be deleted forever, even if you switch back to BlackBerry exchange.

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