Salesforce Admin FAQ and troubleshooting

Written By Samuel Grinis (Super Administrator)

Updated at April 7th, 2020

Salesforce Admin sees an error when configuring MultiLine for Salesforce

  1. Ensure MultiLine for Salesforce is configured properly in the setup as shown above.
  2. Ensure Endpoint is correct. It must include the port number.
  3. Ensure Credentials for API user are correct.              

Trouble accessing MultiLine for Salesforce on certain browsers 

MultiLine for Salesforce is supported on Chrome browser only. In Firefox or other browsers, the MultiLine for Salesforce may not load properly. 

Salesforce User sees “A component error has occurred” when clicking on the MultiLine for Salesforce Utility

Ensure sure that the MultiLine for Salesforce was installed properly without any issues. 

Salesforce user sees “MultiLine registration failed” or “WebRTC not found” error on clicking the MultiLine for Salesforce utility

  1. Ensure email address of the Salesforce user is same as the email address in MultiLine account in the Movius Platform.
  2. Ensure a MultiLine number is assigned to the user’s account. 

What is Enable Softphone and Disable Softphone?

  1. Enable Softphone: Salesforce users can make/ receive call within Salesforce using softphone calling interface
  2. Disable Softphone: Salesforce user can initiate the call from the Salesforce. Call rings on their MultiLine app on their device, the user is prompted to press any key and upon the key press, call is made to the recipient. If the desk phone is configured, then the call can be answered on their desk phone. This setting does not have softphone calling interface in     Salesforce. 

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