Salesforce MultiLine Admin FAQs

Guide for MultiLine Administrators setting up salesforce

Written By Samuel Grinis (Super Administrator)

Updated at May 6th, 2020

How do I reset an API user's password?

  1. Log in to the Admin Portal and open the Administrator tab
  2. Enter the username (email address)
  3. Click Forgot Password and follow the steps to reset the password

The user will receive the temporary password at their email address and be prompted to change the password. Note: Every time the password is changed, it must be changed in Salesforce as well.

How do I confirm a Salesforce user's account is enabled?

  1. Log in to Admin Portal and click the  Accounts tab
  2. Search for the user and click the expand button
  3. Click Edit Line and select the Activity tab
  4. Look for a record of the user

If the user has registered with Salesforce, then a record will appear. Otherwise, there will be no Salesforce record visible in this section.

How do I confirm if Salesforce is enabled for an organization?

  1. Log in to the Admin Portal and open the Administrator tab
  2. Look for an Add API User: Salesforce button in the External Applications dropdown menu
  3. Look for Webhook Events in the Setup tab

If Salesforce is enabled for the organization you'll find these items. Otherwise, Salesforce may not be available.

How do I confirm if MultiLine for Salesforce is successfully configured in Salesforce?

  1. Log in to the Admin Portal and open the Setup tab
  2. Look for a list of four Webhook Events. 

If MultiLine for Salesforce wasn't successfully configured the webhook events will not appear in this section.


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