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Written By Melanie Allen (Administrator)

Updated at May 15th, 2021

About MultiLine for Intune

MultiLine for Intune is a secure, carrier-agnostic business application that enables employees to compliantly communicate with external clients through a separate business number on their own personal devices, specially built to be managed by Microsoft Intune. This version of MultiLine allows IT and mobility managers to secure their client communication data while ensuring employees are not using their personal number or other consumer messengers for business communications.  

MultiLine for Intune works over any iOS/Android device and can be deployed over any global carrier. MultiLine’s patented technology allows employees to make and receive calls on their business number over WiFi, mobile data and/or GSM (not VoIP-only) ensuring employees are always accessible and connected with their clients no matter where they work. 

If it's your first time using Intune- never fear- read the Prerequisite. Otherwise skip to Step 1.

Prerequisite: Install Company Portal Start here if you've never installed Intune Company Portal, or Microsoft Authenticator (for iOS users only) 
Note: Some iOS users may not need to install Intune Company Portal. Your MultiLine administrator should let you know if you need it. 

Step 1: Get your invitation and activate - After installing MultiLine for Intune, check your email for log in details and instructions from your organization's MultiLine administrator. 

Step 2: Set up your voicemail - Set your business voicemail

Step 3: Set up your Exchange ContactsAfter installing MultiLine for Intune, easily access Exchange contacts

Step 4: Choose your call settings - Learn the difference between Data mode and Minutes mode and select which one to use 

Step 5: Start calling and messaging with MultiLine - Get started with calling and texting

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